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2021: Kitchen & Interior Trends

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

2020 has been a momentous year for all of us! We've been moved by the kindness that has been shown; through the support for small businesses & local trades in times like these, and it's a real testament to the wonderful creative industry that we at Chapel58 are proud to be a part of. We're more than just painters, we're interior lovers at heart. After having a Chapel58 chat with some of our inspirational interior design peers, and researching experts top predictions for next year, we've put together our top picks for what we expect to see in the Kitchen Interiors world in 2021. We've all spent more time than usual at home this year, and we hope these picks inspire you to create a change of scenery, from the comfort of your own home.

Dark & Dramatic

Whilst we know that light & airy farmhouse style kitchens are timeless in their design, 2020 has seen the return of darker shades, and we predict this is a trend we're going to see much more of in the New Year.

Greys, Blacks, Navys and even the darkest greens can be beautiful complimentary cabinet colours to create a cosy, inviting & modern space. Our top picks are The Little Greene Paint Company - Basalt and The Little Greene - Obsidian Green.

With the right balance, black can become luxe and inviting, with not an ominous vibe in sight!

If you're wondering whether to join the dark side, send us a message & we'll help you with a free colour consultation!

Two-Tone Magic

We're a huge fan of the phrase "if you like it, get one in every colour". Whilst we'd love to paint every door in your kitchen a different shade, we know that might be a bit much for even the bravest interior designers among us. A great kitchen design for those who are indecisive can be a two-tone kitchen; with beautiful colour matches that bring the space to life.

Painted by Chapel58, 2019

Try matching a darker, bolder colour such as Little Greene- Basalt on the bottom, with a brighter, more neutral Little Green- French Grey on top, for a unique and desirable kitchen. The colour combinations are endless, and we're on hand to help you decide on a match made in heaven!

Little Green Basalt & French Grey
The Devil is In the Detail

Whilst we're the kitchen painting experts, once you've chosen your dream colours for your kitchen, it's time to get to work on perfecting all the finer details. These are the elements of your kitchen which are going to really give your space a new lease of life. We have great bonds with brilliant suppliers and can help you bring your creative vision to life.

Trends we expect to see in 2021 surround glowy industrial lighting, gorgeous deep gold bronze for taps & handles, and thoughtful & quirky finishing touches, such as chic & modern decor from local welsh businesses such as Jago & TP Hughes.

We can help with your creative vision, and you'll know that our perfectionist nature won't be satisfied until you are too!

Check out our Facebook & Instagram pages for more inspiration on colours, home interiors & more!


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